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Luminasia@The Washington State Fair

9886379584_6eba0e285c_bLuminasia was the special state exhibit for the Washington State this year and the Luminasia exhibit extends until October 13th on the weekends (Friday – Sunday). It is a glorious walk through exhibit from Zigong, China, that is made up of 50,000 lights and fabric. It took nine months to create and build.

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Tea at Green Spot, University Place


One of my favorite group of friends gathered today at Green Spot Tea and Art Gallery at 3318 Bridgeport Way University Place, WA 98466. For lunch I had a pot of Ginger Tea ($2.00), a Verrrry Spicy Ranch and Grilled Chicken ($6.50) and a key lime tart ($3.00) for a grand total of $11.50. That is a lot of great food for the price! And I brought 1/2 the wrap back home with me.

I really like the decor at the Green Spot, it has clean lines and not a bunch of cute clutter like many tea stores. The hanging show of fabric based art was lovely.

The Green Spot’s Web Site can be found here: http://www.greenspottea.com/

Update: I went past today (8/20/12) and it was gone. Looks like a wine bar is moving in

Jo-Anns for Crafting & Art Needs

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My dear daughter informed me that she needed oil pastels desperately and we went to Jo-Anns in Tacoma to have our craft needs met. I sent said daughter off with my phone/camera to snap a couple of photos while I waited in line to check out. This is the photo we both liked the best. 🙂

There are 29 Jo-Anns in Washington State and I guess that Spokane is the craftiest city because they have three!