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Cafe Amp

13771281085_4c8f934be9_b(1)There is a new restaurant in the Lincoln District in the previous Jubilee place. It is the Amp Coffee House and Frozen Yogurt, 858 S. 38th St., Tacoma and its been open for a couple of months. I finally stopped in and was impressed at how much it has changed, looking more like a sleek coffee shop that it is and less like a hamburger joint that it was. I ordered a Philly Cheese steak (a real treat) and next time I’m going for a Smitty Burger. I hear there are plans for a drive through and a patio.

The Jubilee sign will be removed as soon as it is feasible.

Their Facebook page can be found here.

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Read more here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/tntdiner/2014/04/04/a-tale-of-the-smitty-burger-and-where-to-find-it-now-that-jubilee-is-no-more/#storylink=cpy

Black Bear Yogurt for a French Press Coffee

9886484516_612a622312_bI remember when there was one Black Bear Yogurt and now there are six with four opening soon. They are all in the Puget Sound area except for the one in Yakima. This Black Bear is located at 1901 South 72nd Street, Tacoma. I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I had a French Press coffee which was most delicious and kept me up half the night (my bad!). Their website is here.

Proctor Frozen Yogurt

8641138075_7040707752_zThe Proctor District is really pleasant to stroll around and the addition of Proctor Frozen Yogurt at 2510 North Proctor makes it even better. I ended up combing the lemon with the raspberry/pomegranate and dear daughter has the marshmallow. They were both a treat. The business is housed in what had been a house built in 1905.


Freeze Frozen Yogurt at 3806 Bridgeport Way West (Green Firs Shopping Center), University Place, WA has been around for about six months and the employees (owner?) was friendly. They have ten flavors (Mango Tango, Alpine Vanilla, Pomegranate Raspberry, Thin Mint,Cake Batter, Milk Chocolate, Hawaiian Pineapple, Sweet Coconut,Cheesecake and Lemon Bar) at any one time and a nice assortment of toppings.

On the way home this little girl was wandering around in the street, stopping traffic. How could I leave her there? So I scooped her up and brought her home. After an hour or so the owner called me back and we took her home. She was a very sweet dog, but growled at our two pups.

Update: June 2015. There is a sign up at Freeze that says they are closed because of mechanical issues, but the sign has been up for a while and I wonder if they are just closed.

Have a Smiley Day!

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in Sunrise Village (10306 156th St E Suite 101
Puyallup, WA 98374) was packed yesterday! It was a lovely, warm Saturday — just right for a frozen treat. I had read an article in the Tacoma News Tribune reviewing all of the new frozen yogurt shops in the area and thought trying out a new one sounded fun. I love Gibson’s in Tacoma (blog entry here http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=2891) and Black Bear (blog entry here http://blog.firsttries.com/?p=1355). Menchie’s staff is wildly friendly. “Have a smiley day”, they gushed at me after I paid. Ummmm. OK. “You too”! I purchased coconut and cake batter swirl with coconut chips and whipped cream and ate it in my peaceful car.

Menchie’s Website http://www.menchies.com/ says they have 170 locations worldwide. There are seven locations in Washington State and seven more in the works including one in Gig Harbor. While it was a treat to visit, I would just as soon go to Gibson’s or Black Bear for their quirky home grown feel. But even those two will soon be a chain (of two each) since new locations are forth coming. 🙂

Black Bear Yogurt

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 8520 Steilacoom Blvd., Lakewood, WA 98498


The new place of the day quest was a good excuse for visiting the Black Bear Yogurt and I’m sure glad we did. It was great. I had the peanut butter banana with chocolate sprinkles, my dear daughter had the chocolate with rainbow sprinkles and the husband had raspberry in a cone. They also had praline, vanilla and Euro Tart. They always have six flavors at a time and change about once a week. It was a really nice space with a fireplace and whimsical carved bears.