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Starbucks at Green Firs, the story continues

photo(3)The new Starbucks in the Green Firs Shopping Center is at the site of the former Shari’s Restaurant. When this Starbucks opened, the smaller Starbucks in the center closed and of course the employees moved over.



Freeze Frozen Yogurt at 3806 Bridgeport Way West (Green Firs Shopping Center), University Place, WA has been around for about six months and the employees (owner?) was friendly. They have ten flavors (Mango Tango, Alpine Vanilla, Pomegranate Raspberry, Thin Mint,Cake Batter, Milk Chocolate, Hawaiian Pineapple, Sweet Coconut,Cheesecake and Lemon Bar) at any one time and a nice assortment of toppings.

On the way home this little girl was wandering around in the street, stopping traffic. How could I leave her there? So I scooped her up and brought her home. After an hour or so the owner called me back and we took her home. She was a very sweet dog, but growled at our two pups.

Update: June 2015. There is a sign up at Freeze that says they are closed because of mechanical issues, but the sign has been up for a while and I wonder if they are just closed.

University Place Shari’s is gone

20120817-192502.jpgShari’s at 3902 Bridgeport Way, University Place 98466 became vacant in March 2012 when the company did not renew their lease. Apparently the site was going to be used as a bank, but now its future is in question and it remains vacant. An article on the closure can be found here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/business/2012/03/21/sharis-restaurant-in-university-place-closes-plans-for-building-unclear/

Starbucks in University Place, will it snow?

They tell me there is a big old snow storm coming, though when I snapped this photo the skies were mostly blue. I needed some provisions (cookies, chips, milk, cheese) and stopped at Trader Joe’s and then for a cup of drip coffee at Green Fir’s Starbucks. It was packed and there was no inconspicuous way to take a photo, so I took one of the outside and it was truly awful! I mean really, really bad. So, here is a photo that I do like of one of the trees in the Green Firs Center. Now let’s see if we actually get this huge storm!

Great Harvest Bread Company

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Today’s new place of the day is Great Harvest Bread in the Green Firs Shopping, University Place. As soon as I walked in the door and smelled the wonderful bread aroma, I knew there was bread in my immediate future. I walked out with a loaf of delicious Cinnamon Chip and three cinnamon buns. I think I’ll come back on a Monday and try a loaf of the Cheddar Garlic. The other nearby Great Harvest locations are in Federal Way, Puyallup, Seattle and Bellevue. According to their web page Great Harvest’s mission is to “be loose and fun, bake phenomenal bread, run fast to help customers, create strong exciting bakeries, and give generously to others.” Can’t argue with that 🙂

Great Harvest Website

Update: The store’s space is now available for lease, as of November 2015. Other Great Harvest locations appear to be open.