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Tree down at South Tacoma Avenue and South 43rd

9990988993_3bd7df0b77_bWind and rain, lots and lots of rain today and on our way home from a lunch out we can upon this tree which I thought was blown down by the wind, but no … it was struck by lightning! Reports have it that there is flooding all around Tacoma with geysers of storm water in the streets. The weather folks are predicting bad weather for tomorrow too. But everything is secure at our house and we will weather the storm.

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Starbucks in University Place, will it snow?

They tell me there is a big old snow storm coming, though when I snapped this photo the skies were mostly blue. I needed some provisions (cookies, chips, milk, cheese) and stopped at Trader Joe’s and then for a cup of drip coffee at Green Fir’s Starbucks. It was packed and there was no inconspicuous way to take a photo, so I took one of the outside and it was truly awful! I mean really, really bad. So, here is a photo that I do like of one of the trees in the Green Firs Center. Now let’s see if we actually get this huge storm!

Bird on the feeder


I didn’t get anywhere for my new place of the day today because the weather was so incredibly awful! But I did take this photo out my work window. The feeder was empty this morning, but I trudged out in the snow and filled it up. About an hour later there were a dozen starlings fighting over the food. And then a lovely flicker appeared and chanced all the starlings away and happily ate alone.