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Tree down at South Tacoma Avenue and South 43rd

9990988993_3bd7df0b77_bWind and rain, lots and lots of rain today and on our way home from a lunch out we can upon this tree which I thought was blown down by the wind, but no … it was struck by lightning! Reports have it that there is flooding all around Tacoma with geysers of storm water in the streets. The weather folks are predicting bad weather for tomorrow too. But everything is secure at our house and we will weather the storm.

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Mima Mounts near Maytown

9541088065_2bc2dea785_bThe Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve is a designated National Natural Landmark near the Capital State Forest and Maytown. The 3′ to 6′ high mounds themselves are kind of cool, large, rounded hills. The Mima mounds appear in parts of Washington, Oregon, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and California, and also in Kenya, Mexico, Canada, Australia and China. Scientists don’t really know what caused them, but theories include pocket gophers, wind blowing around vegetation, seismic activity, shrinking & swelling clay and, my personal favorite, space aliens.

Fair warning, this park requires a Discovery Pass which can be purchased online here.

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Golfing in Scotland

In Scotland we practiced our golf in a golf academy near St. Andrews. It was raining and by raining I mean pouring. Also windy and kind of cold. But it was an adventure and for the most part we were glad we had done it once we were dry again.