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University Place Shari’s is gone

20120817-192502.jpgShari’s at 3902 Bridgeport Way, University Place 98466 became vacant in March 2012 when the company did not renew their lease. Apparently the site was going to be used as a bank, but now its future is in question and it remains vacant. An article on the closure can be found here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/business/2012/03/21/sharis-restaurant-in-university-place-closes-plans-for-building-unclear/

Birthday Pie at Shari’s


Dear husband’s birthday was a on Thursday and we just got got around to celebrating. We went out to a movie and I offered to stop at Stadium Thriftway and buy a birthday cake, but apparently a birthday pie was more to his liking. So we stopped at Shari’s at 2323 South Union Avenue and after much discussion we selected a Velvet Chocolate Silk pie, which proved to be rather tasty.