Daniah’s International Market and Deli

8819608978_31fe55d1b8_b(1)Dear daughter wanted to eat middle eastern food, so we searched for them in the Tacoma area. There were two, but one is gone… so there is one. It is Daniah’s International Market and Deli at 6603 Sixth Avenue, Tacoma. I ordered a beef gyro meal (pictured) and dear daughter had the felafel, a new to her dish that she liked. There is also a grocery section with unusual imported items. The food was tasty and the service great.


2 thoughts on “Daniah’s International Market and Deli

  1. Virginia Hodge

    This may have changed, but the only time I was there about a year ago, while the food was adequate they refused to provide a free glass of tap water. I haven’t been back.

  2. Audra Cooley

    I’m hoping this place is still open. I love middle eastern food and was surprised when I moved out there how few options there were. I didn’t know about Daniahs! Most of my work friends are unadventurous eaters so would never had been there to recommend it. Thanks for the headsup.

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