Australian Pie Company

8808802867_91b9e1723a_bThere are Italian restaurant, French restaurants, all types of Asian restaurants, but very few Australian restaurants! But today I found one, The Australian Pie Co. at 425 SW, 152nd Street, Burien, WA. Dear husband and I drove there just to sample their meat pies, which are filled with chicken or steak with various additions (mushrooms, potato, cheese, onion, etc.) I had the beef and mushroom and he had the beef and cheese. The pies are kind of like pot pies, with each one having a wonderful crust and savory filling. We brought home a chicken and asparagus pie for dinner for us and a vegetable pie for dear daughter. Both of those were also yummy. We also brought home a sampling of desserts including a yet untasted Lamington Cake. There is also a small collection of Australian products for sale. The Australian Pie Co’s website is here.

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