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Western Washington State Fair, Our Body The Universe Within

When dear daughter and I went to the Western Washington State Fair last weekend we simply forgot to see the Our Body, The Universe Within exhibit and afterward that made me sad. But, on the last day of the fair, we decided to go again. Yes, there were scones involved.

I had decided not to take photos in the exhibit because it just didn’t feel respectful. Just as well since photography was not permitted, nor were cell phones. Really good photos can be found on the exhibit’s website http://www.ourbodytheuniversewithin.net/. It was a very interesting exhibit and I learned a few things. The part that captivated me the most was that they took one body and sliced it into 12 pieces sideways. So the two end pieces each had an ear and in between we saw muscle, bone, organs, etc. The individual organs were also fascinating. The stomach was smaller than I thought and the thyroid was larger. There was a brain that had been damaged by a stroke and lungs that had been ruined by smoking. The exhibit made dear daughter a tad queasy.

Western Washington State Fair, Hobby Hall

I love the exhibits at the Hobby Hall at the Western Washington State Fair! The people that create the exhibits are my people — interesting, smart, quirky, and a bit obsessive. The Hobby Hall is one of the fair places we always go along with the scone stand, the hot tub display (where we dip our hands), and the building with the photos and quilts and such (good bathroom on the second floor!). The exhibit building was constructed in 1939.

While we were there we talked to the ham radio folks and the astronomy guy and we saw wonderful collections (Titanic, holiday ornaments, sheep, smiley faces, Sailor Moon, Starbucks, Coke, Whiskey, hand puppets, nutcrackers, kimonos, dollhouses and many more).


Scone Fairs, a Little Bit of Heaven!

Fisher Scones has been family owned for 100 years and has occupied the same corner in the Restaurant Building at the Western Washington State Fair (the Puyallup Fair) since 1915.  This articles does a bang up job explaining their history!



Western Washington State Fair 2010

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I get to use the Western Washington State Fair as my new place of the day for 9/26/2010 Dear daughter and I managed to get here on the last day of a three week run. It rained on us both coming and going, but not a drop of rain while we were there. We did all of our favorite fair things — went to the Hobby Hall, looked at the local art/crafts folks, saw the animals and ate too much. A good time was had by all!