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Save A Lot is Closing

At least nine Save A Lot Stores in the Puget Sound are closing including the one at 1105 Martin Luther King in Tacoma’s Hilltop. I remember in July 1999 when the building was a recently constructed as a Rite Aid drug Pharmacy. An entire block was demolished to make way for the Rite Aid. In January 2005 the Rite Aid closed and in September 2006 the Save-A-Lot Extreme Value Grocery Store opened.

Larsen Pharmacy had been on the site (or part of the site) as of 1938 and Harold Meyer Drug Store was there as of 1944. Kellogg & Ford Building was there as of 1905. The J. Anton Mueller store was there in 1916.

Hilltop Building with Murals

There is an apparently vacant building at 1214 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Tacoma, WA. Or maybe it is being used for storage. The public record indicates that a meat store (or facility) was or is in place. There are two murals on the storefront of animals eating spaghetti.


The Kellogg – Sicker Building (Browne’s Star Grill)

The  Kellogg Sicker Building at 1112 – 1116 Martin Luther King Jr. Way isn’t the most welcoming of buildings. The 1906 building is named after the builders Frank G. Kellogg and Robert Sicker.  Tenants over the years have included Essey & Macksoud Dry Goods, various physicians and dentists, Habid Nasser Dry Goods, Johnson’s Dry Goods & Clothing, Economy Drug Co., Geo. Clark’s Meats, Clark’s K Street Cash Market, Matsumoto’s Fruit Stand, Geo. Skaer’s Butter & Eggs, Fujimura Grocery, Nad Chemical Co., Anderson’s Grocery & Vegetable Market, Vic’s Market, Marshall-Wells Hardware, Coast to Coast Hardware, Cash Market, Marshall-Wells Store and Harold Meyer Drugs. Browne’s Star Grill relocated to this site in 1968 and operated there until September 2005. There is a great mural on the front.

The building now sits vacant and is owned by the City of Tacoma. There is a Facebook Page devoted to saving the building. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-the-Brownes-Star-Grill-Building/143544072391184

Fulcrum Gallery

The Fulcrum Gallery at 1301 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Tacoma, is a small gallery featuring quality artists and this evening they had a reception for their new exhibit “Dawn of 2012”. There was a wide breath of different types of art. My dear daughter and I especially liked the lovely drawings by Meghan Mitchell and cloud floating houses of Gabriel Brow.



Photo taken later

Mr. Mac has moved, but not far

Mr. Mac by Gexydaf
Mr. Mac, a photo by Gexydaf on Flickr.

I’ve long admired the shiny black tile that fronts the building now occupied by Mr. Mac (1124 Martin Luther King Jr. Way). The space had previously been occupied by Cost Less Wholesale. Per their sign, Mr. Mac features the latest fashions and shoes for men.

Hilltop-McCarver Mural


Originally uploaded by Gexydaf


Today I stopped at one of Tacoma’s newest installations of public art, the 60 foot long Hilltop-McCarver Mural at 2143 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Since this mural was dedicated recently on October 16th, I had seen a couple of photos. The mural itself is bold, whimsical and very well done. But I guess I had been assuming that it was the background for a park or public space and it is really just the background for a vacant lot that was pretty muddy when I took the photo. So lingering isn’t encouraged, which is a shame because there is so much detail to examine. The building that provides the wall space for the mural is vacant.

For two great sites that discuss the mural, go here:



People’s Park Mural

Originally uploaded by Gexydaf

I was thinking that since November is Tacoma Art Month, that I’d try to do most of my new place of the days with an art theme. First up is the mural in Peoples Park at 924 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. I cleverly took this photo yesterday when it wasn’t raining and then drove past again today so that I could say I’d been there! I love this mural which depicts the area as it use to be including a trolley and a farmer’s market. At first I thought the trees were in the way of the mural, but now I think they add to the photo 🙂

For more information on Art Month, check out the Art at Work site http://www.tacomaculture.org/arts/resource/ArtAtWorkTacoma/web/Default.htm

And for a great overview of art in Tacoma go to http://wspdsmap.ci.tacoma.wa.us/website/art/splash2.htm

For more info on People’s Park, go here http://www.metroparkstacoma.org/page.php?id=620