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People’s Park Mural

Originally uploaded by Gexydaf

I was thinking that since November is Tacoma Art Month, that I’d try to do most of my new place of the days with an art theme. First up is the mural in Peoples Park at 924 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. I cleverly took this photo yesterday when it wasn’t raining and then drove past again today so that I could say I’d been there! I love this mural which depicts the area as it use to be including a trolley and a farmer’s market. At first I thought the trees were in the way of the mural, but now I think they add to the photo 🙂

For more information on Art Month, check out the Art at Work site http://www.tacomaculture.org/arts/resource/ArtAtWorkTacoma/web/Default.htm

And for a great overview of art in Tacoma go to http://wspdsmap.ci.tacoma.wa.us/website/art/splash2.htm

For more info on People’s Park, go here http://www.metroparkstacoma.org/page.php?id=620