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The Mural at Bergerson Terrace

Another hidden art treasure in Tacoma is the mural at Bergerson Terrace Apartments at 5305 South Orchard. The mural was installed in 2011 and the lead artists were Rachael Dotson, Joni Joachims and Jeremy Gregory.

Hola from the Portland Avenue Community Center

The Portland Avenue Community Center at 3513 E. Portland Avenue has a hidden mural on its free standing restroom building. It is a training building and has several different artists and styles and says a cheerful Hola (hello).

The Tacoma Mural Website    shows that the lead artists are Rachel Dotson, Jeremy Gregory, Joni Joachims, Kelda Martensen and Chris Sharp. The artist team is Dionne Bonner, Kate Cendejas, Larine Chung, Mike Corcoran, Brad Dinsmore, Shanna Duncan, Josh Everson, Jani Freimann, Jill Frey, Rajaa Gharbi, Kathleen Gray, Alexandra Kerl, Trinda Love, Jena Marks, Marlin Peterson, Brad Pugh, Tenold Sundberg, Asia Tail and Patricia Vazquez Gomez.

Hilltop-McCarver Mural


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Today I stopped at one of Tacoma’s newest installations of public art, the 60 foot long Hilltop-McCarver Mural at 2143 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Since this mural was dedicated recently on October 16th, I had seen a couple of photos. The mural itself is bold, whimsical and very well done. But I guess I had been assuming that it was the background for a park or public space and it is really just the background for a vacant lot that was pretty muddy when I took the photo. So lingering isn’t encouraged, which is a shame because there is so much detail to examine. The building that provides the wall space for the mural is vacant.

For two great sites that discuss the mural, go here: