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Daiso, Bellevue

16230445183_202898c7be_kI’ve been going to Crossroads Mall in Bellevue for years, decades even, but I hadn’t realized that they have a Daiso Store. My only defense is that it has an exterior entrance. It is like a dollar store with everything being the same price (a little more than a dollar). I sent about $20 and walked away with a bunch of fairly useful stuff. There is a nice mural on the exterior wall.

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T.W.O. Coffee Shop

15558955217_28dfaf1430_kI was in Fircrest getting a hair trim (thank goodness!) and I had a little time afterward to have a bite to eat. T.W.O. is located at 1039 Regents Boulevard. Service was quick and friendly and my grilled cheese with tomato soup was tasty. The cafe has an eclectic vibe going one and I found a seat in the lovely November sunlight. Before the space was T.W.O., it was Green Bean Coffee.

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S&S Loan Pawn Shop

8442392463_8c0b238e74_cS&S Loan at 11453 Pacific Highway has long been abandon. When I pulled in to snap some photos, my daughter called it that creepy place and it does have a desolate vibe. The property is available for sale from Kidder Mathews with an asking price of $650,000. The value is in the land with the 7,000 square foot, 1964 building being a tear down. One of the best assets the property has is that it is across the street from the Sound Transit Station.


Jesus’s Custom Muffler and Dual Exhaust Shop

8300939791_68642fd04c_oJesus’s Custom Muffler and Dual Exhaust Shop at 4003 McKinley Avenue is a cheerful yellow with red trim and has some great muffler art! The property started it life in 1925 as Mac’s Super Service Station and there was an addition in 1949.


German Pastry and Coffee Shop in Lakewood

The German Pastry and Coffee Shop at 6108 Mt Tacoma Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98499 is not the same thing as Hess Bakery and that confuses me. They both specialize in German Food, but have different strengths. Both of them are located in a brick building is known as European Square. Each of them has a sign on their door that says they are not affricated with the other. Well, OK. I’ll just go back and do Hess Bakery some other time.

The German Pastry and Coffee Shop has display cases and metal racks for tasty treats. I got two bags of cookies and two pieces of pastry, all for takeout. What I tasted at home was yummy. Maybe next time we’ll have lunch. I love the décor. There is one almost full wall mural of an alpine scene and many large jigsaw puzzles that have been framed.


Garden Sphere, Tacoma’s Organic Gardening Store

Garden Sphere by Gexydaf

I’ve been meaning to stop at the Garden Sphere for ages and today I finally did! What a lovely welcoming place. As I wandered around one of the workers offered to help me and I mentioned that it was my first time there. She said they change out stock every couple of weeks, so there is usually something new to see and that if I wanted something they didn’t have, they’d get it for me. Wow. That’s nice.

While there I purchased a lavender plant, something with a purple flower, a package of sweet peas and a candle. I’m sure I’ll be back for more.

I think my favorite part was the chicks. There were three sizes of them and they were all darling! I could just sit and listen to their trilling, chirping noise for hours!



Connie’s Donuts

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I had planned to go take a photo of some delightful art today, but the rain and being tired conspired against me and I simply stopped at one of my favorite donut shops. I haven’t been here for a while because I like their donuts too much! But it was a lovely treat to start the weekend and I only bought 1/2 dozen and three people will eat them.