Veggies Northwest – Fircrest


Veggies Northwest Fircrest at 1115 Regents Boulevard, Fircrest will be open a year as of April 28, 2013. It primarily sells fruits and vegetables, along with cheeses, beer, wine, nuts and a few miscellaneous items. Really they have a great selection and I’ll be stopping back. There is a second Veggies Northwest location, the original one, in Chehalis. Their Facebook page is here

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Fircrest Swim Shop

Dear daughter needed a swimsuit. We were at Target anyway, so we checked there. She hated them all. Fine. Then later we were at the outlet mall in North Bend, so we checked there. Nope that didn’t work either. Then I remembered The Fircrest Swim Shop at 620 Regence Boulevard in Fircrest. I remember my husband saying he bought his bathing suit there and that they had a good selection and reasonable prices. He was understated, they have a great selection and very competitive prices! They also have friendly, helpful (but in no way pushy) sales staff. We found a darling suit and since I was there I found one too :)

Their Facebook Page can be found here

China Lake Park

I’ve always been a little nervous about visiting China Lake at 1811 S Shirley St. Though I can’t point to any particular warning, it seems like I heard of unpleasant happenings. It is really a lovely park and feels just like being in a forest (except for the SR-16 noise). The lake is nice and had various ducks. It did feel a little lonely though and next time I think I’ll take a friend.

I did find this interesting article that is well worth a visit.…-sort-of/

The park district’s site plan is here


Chopper’s Holistic Food

I had a hair appointment today and right next door was Chopper’s Holistic Pet Food at 612 Regents Blvd., Fircrest, WA.  It has an entirely different feel from a large box pet store.  The store is indeed mostly pet food and high quality pet food at that. The rest of the stock is treats, toys, clothes and accessories. The woman who helped me was pleasant and knowledgeable and even gave me some samples :D.


Halloween is for decorating!

The house at 202 Ramsdale in Fircrest is considered one of the best decorated Halloween Houses according to the Tacoma News Tribune.  So, on our way elsewhere, we stopped and snapped a quick photo. It wasn’t until later, at home, that I realized the pumpkin head figure that is the focal point of the display is actually one of those carved bears that Fircrest is known for!  That’s kind of cool. I throw a pumpkin frame around the whole thing because I didn’t think that overkill was a concern :D And while I was at it, I added a skeleton with a candy corn frame!

Espress O Yourself

The first full day back at work for a while called for a treat. But not caffeine because it was too late in the day. Espress O Yourself at 1009 Regents Blvd at Alameda Ave in Fircrest, won me over with a strawberry lemonade smoothie that was very delicious! I went in instead of taking advantage of the drive through lane.  While waiting for my drink, I munched on a couple of free chocolate covered espresso beans. Espress O Yourself (love that name) is more than a coffee shop. They serve a light breakfast and lunch and have indoor and outdoor seating.


Wainwright School, under 300 students

Tacoma Public School has announced that it may close schools in order to save money. Foss is the high school they are considering and elementary schools with less than 300 students are also possibilities. These elementary schools are Franklin, Lyon, Roosevelt, Stanley, McKinley, Wainwright and Geiger. Geiger has had a program change and has been taken off the table. Wainwright, in Fircrest, is the last of the elementary schools that I am writing about.

Read more about possible school closures at :

Today’s school is Wainwright Elementary at 130 Alameda Avenue. Their mascot is the wildcat. The original school opened in 1911 and was called Regents Park. There was one teacher, Mrs. C.D. Bangs and she taught 1st through 3rd grades there. The one room school closed in 1914 because of lack of students. But it reopened in 1915. It almost closed in 1917, when there were 13 students. A new school opened there in 1924 and was named FIrcrest. In 1948 the school wa added on to and renamed Wainwright after a famous general in World War II. General Wainwright traveled from Texas to Fircrest to be at the school’s dedication. The school was again added on to in 1957 adn remodeling was done in 1971. In 1984 the school had a student population of 292 students and the Citizen’s Committee for School Facilities Planning recommends that Wainwright be closed.

To see the school as it appeared in 1924, see this link from the Tacoma Public Library.