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Puget Sound Hospital

IMG_2374Pierce County Hospital, also known as Mountain View Sanatorium, Puget Sound General Hospital and the Pierce Hospital, (3580 Pacific Ave.) is slated for demolition. It was originally constructed in 1928 and had an addition, including a pool, in 1941/42. In 1951 a second building was constructed as a tuberculosis sanitarium. In 1973 a James Caan, Cinderella Liberty, was filmed at the hospital. In 1977 a sky bridge was constructed connecting it to the adjacent building. In 2011 the buildings were closed and currently there are plans to demolish the structures and construct a new building to house the majority of the Pierce County government services. Information on the project can be found here.

I’ve heard stories of the hospital being haunted with more information on that to be found here.

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Update January 2017

Reef HQ Aquarium

Photo Jul 14, 2 54 06 PMThe Reef HQ Aquarium in Townsville is the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium. It is part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. We visited this aquarium and had a behind the scenes look at a sea turtle hospital as well as all of the wonderful conservation work being done. We spent the night here and I didn’t think that I’d be able to sleep on the air mattress, but really it was no problem!

The Second Touch

8706791712_9b0c1648f6_bSculptor Larry Anderson created The Second Touch bronze art in the hospital near Mary Bridge Hospital. It commemorates the 100th anniversary of Tacoma Public Hospital. Larry Anderson also created the Trilogy piece in Wright’s Park, the Tacoma Fallen Firemen Memorial, New Beginnings outside the Union Station and many others.


Tacoma General Hospital

Tacoma GeneralTacoma General Hospital at 315 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. is Tacoma’s largest hospital and part of the Multicare Health Systems. Their website is here http://www.multicare.org/tacomageneral/

The hospital has a long history, beginning in 1882 in the Old Town neighborhood of Tacoma under the name of Fannie C. Paddock Memorial Hospital. It has 437 licensed beds and 16 operating rooms. Dear daughter was born there almost 18 years ago!

I went to TG to hear a sexual assault nurse (forensic nurse examiner) discuss the nature of her job, a fascinating and heartbreaking topic. The link for that department can be found here http://www.multicare.org/home/sexual-assault-services-2


Jackson Hall was for nursing students

Today I participated in an earthquake drill at Jackson Hall 314 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.  The building had been known as the Tacoma General Hospital Nurses
Quarters / Jackson Hall and was named after Samuel Morley Jackson, banker and long time hospital board member.

The building was the site of a nursing school which was established in 1895 and closed in 1980. In the middle of that time (1945-1947), the original building was demolished and the “new” building constructed. The building became the Tacoma General Medical Office Building in 1980 and is currently being used as hospital space. In fact, the corridors connect under Martin Luther King, Blvd into Tacoma General Hospital!

For images of the nursing school/dorm as it was, go this Tacoma Public Library site http://search.tpl.lib.wa.us/images/dt6n.asp?ADDRESS=314+and+WAY&UNIQUE=BUILD

A great deal for lunch@St. Joes

I can think of four Tacoma places off hand to have a tasty, healthy lunch on the cheap.

  1. The culinary school at Bates College
  2. The Neighborhood Bistro at Goodwill
  3. The cafeteria in the Utilities Building off Union Ave
  4. St. Joe’s Hospital

Friday’s new place is #4 the Cafeteria at St. Joes (1717 South J Street, Tacoma). I needed to be there to see a patient and it was around lunchtime. So I went down to the lower level (not the snack bar) and had a lightly breaded fish sandwich.  It was huge and delicious and came with a mountain of fries and a soda! All for under $5.00!  There was plenty of seating both inside and outside.  Parking is also free and not that hard to find.  Really, nobody says “let’s go to the hospital and have lunch!”, but they should. 😀



Saint Joseph Medical Center

In the twilight I stopped to take a quick cell phone photo of 320 bed St. Joe’s. I like the unusual shape of the main building and the glowing red lights along the top. The address of the building is 1717 S. J St., Tacoma, WA 98405.

Their web site is

Below are a couple of photos that I took earlier in the year in the daylight.