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Columbia Basin College


The Columbia Basin College at 2600 N 20th Ave, Pasco, WA 99301 (in Franklin, my 11th Washington County!) is simple and attractive. My group meant in three of the building with the most interesting being the inside courtyard which had a tropical rainforest vibe going on with warm temperatures and an indoor pond.  There is also a great sculpture of Martin Luther King, Jr. walking with a young, determined boy. The college’s mascot is the hawk.


Pochert Building,1112 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard

The Pochert Building is located at 1112 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard was constructed in 1908. Over the years it has been a hotel, several shoe stores, a Vaudette Theater, Fuller Company Paint, a hardware store, carpet stores, a thrift store, a beauty store and dollar stores. It is now owned by the City of Tacoma and is either vacant or used for storage.

An older photo of the building can be found at the Tacoma Public Library’s site http://search.tacomapubliclibrary.org/buildings/bldg1image.asp?j=1&o=1&n=20497&i=3496#text

Jackson Hall was for nursing students

Today I participated in an earthquake drill at Jackson Hall 314 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.  The building had been known as the Tacoma General Hospital Nurses
Quarters / Jackson Hall and was named after Samuel Morley Jackson, banker and long time hospital board member.

The building was the site of a nursing school which was established in 1895 and closed in 1980. In the middle of that time (1945-1947), the original building was demolished and the “new” building constructed. The building became the Tacoma General Medical Office Building in 1980 and is currently being used as hospital space. In fact, the corridors connect under Martin Luther King, Blvd into Tacoma General Hospital!

For images of the nursing school/dorm as it was, go this Tacoma Public Library site http://search.tpl.lib.wa.us/images/dt6n.asp?ADDRESS=314+and+WAY&UNIQUE=BUILD

Rainbow Over Kera 76 Station

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I wasn’t planning on using this gas station as my new place of the day, but the rainbow suggested that I change my mind. This is the Kera 76 Station at 1901 Martin Luther King Junior Way, Tacoma, WA 98405-3835. It has a food market. The building was constructed in 1988.

76’s Website is at

Say Auuuu at Group Health

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Today’s new place is Group Health at 209 Martin Luther King Junior Way. Fast facts on their website state that as of October 2010 Group Health in general has over 650,000 members and a staff of 9,365, of which 985 are physicians.

While we were up on the 4th Floor for an allergy appointment, we enjoyed the lovely view!  For the record, we have always been impressed with the level of care that we have received from Group Health.