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Tacoma General Hospital

Tacoma GeneralTacoma General Hospital at 315 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. is Tacoma’s largest hospital and part of the Multicare Health Systems. Their website is here http://www.multicare.org/tacomageneral/

The hospital has a long history, beginning in 1882 in the Old Town neighborhood of Tacoma under the name of Fannie C. Paddock Memorial Hospital. It has 437 licensed beds and 16 operating rooms. Dear daughter was born there almost 18 years ago!

I went to TG to hear a sexual assault nurse (forensic nurse examiner) discuss the nature of her job, a fascinating and heartbreaking topic. The link for that department can be found here http://www.multicare.org/home/sexual-assault-services-2


Saint Joseph Medical Center

In the twilight I stopped to take a quick cell phone photo of 320 bed St. Joe’s. I like the unusual shape of the main building and the glowing red lights along the top. The address of the building is 1717 S. J St., Tacoma, WA 98405.

Their web site is

Below are a couple of photos that I took earlier in the year in the daylight.


Say Auuuu at Group Health

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Today’s new place is Group Health at 209 Martin Luther King Junior Way. Fast facts on their website state that as of October 2010 Group Health in general has over 650,000 members and a staff of 9,365, of which 985 are physicians.

While we were up on the 4th Floor for an allergy appointment, we enjoyed the lovely view!  For the record, we have always been impressed with the level of care that we have received from Group Health.