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Merry Christmas

8308112977_a6afa2a98e_bAccident & Injury Chiropractic at 1702 South 72nd Street, Tacoma, makes good use of its building to share holiday joy! The building has colonial pillars wrapped in red ribbon (plastic?) and a huge wreath in the center of the second floor. Their website is here http://www.accidentandinjurychiro.com/

And now I’m back to making the ham and mashed potatoes for Christmas dinner ūüėÄ Happy holidays everyone!

Herbal Wellness

Sacred Plant Medicine at 1912 Center Street has some great signs on their exterior walls. The building was constructed in 1928 and was occupied by the Northwestern Bakery. In 1937 it was occupied by Butler Canning and in 1940 Buffelen Furniture Co. was in place and then closed. In 1944 there was a fire. In 1955 it was Buffelen Woodworking Co. Seems to me that in the past few years it was a cabinet shop and then vacant for a while. And now it is Sacred Plant Medicine. `

Nature’s Resource Center

I’d read about the new tenant at Freighthouse Square and since we were having dinner at Wendy’s Vietnamese, I thought I skip downstairs and check it out. Nature’s Resource Center’s website says “Here at NATURES RESOURCE CENTER we strive to meet your medical needs in a variety of ways including; providing educational service on cultivating one’s own personal herb plants, We also have an inventory of starts, hash, edibles, tinctures and the best medical herb nature has to offer. All consultations and services provided in a safe and professional setting. So stop suffering today and enjoy the greatest medical cannabis nature has to offer at Nature’s Resource Center!”

Their website is at http://nrc420.com/

And their address is at 602 East 25th Street, Suite #78

I wasn’t sure what I expected, but the storefront has dignity and an attractive waiting area. I purposefully didn’t photograph anyone coming or going, but they looked like everyday kind of folks. I understand that they sell medical marijuana (cannabis), but I personally don’t see it being a problem being next to a store specializing in legos.


Say Auuuu at Group Health

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Today’s new place is Group Health at 209 Martin Luther King Junior Way. Fast facts on their website state that as of October 2010 Group Health in general has over 650,000 members and a staff of 9,365, of which 985 are physicians.

While we were up on the 4th Floor for an allergy appointment, we enjoyed the lovely view!  For the record, we have always been impressed with the level of care that we have received from Group Health.