Herbal Wellness

Sacred Plant Medicine at 1912 Center Street has some great signs on their exterior walls. The building was constructed in 1928 and was occupied by the Northwestern Bakery. In 1937 it was occupied by Butler Canning and in 1940 Buffelen Furniture Co. was in place and then closed. In 1944 there was a fire. In 1955 it was Buffelen Woodworking Co. Seems to me that in the past few years it was a cabinet shop and then vacant for a while. And now it is Sacred Plant Medicine. `

One thought on “Herbal Wellness

  1. Curious Art

    I love this kind of naive sign– reminds me of places like India & Mexico where there are itinerant sign-painters making their mark everywhere…

    Also I love the way you include the history of each place… Did you hear that piece on NPR about how a city becomes fully your home when there is a ghost-city in your mind of what each building used to be?

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