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The plethora of pot stores on Pacific Avenue

imagePer the News Tribune Tacoma has 60+ medical marijuana stores. It’s always seemed to me that Pacific Avenue has more than its share, so today I drove by and counted them. There are 13 retail locations between I-5 and Highway 512. In comparison, there are two dedicated liquor stores, though of course other places to buy liquor both for on site drinking and take out. One mentioned by the News Tribune is no longer there, but I found two new ones. In one case the owner was actually hanging up his open sign for the first time.

So, just for the record, no it isn’t my vice and I didn’t go inside. But I do think there is a place for medical marijuana. It just seems like like 13 is a great many. The article said that most will be asked to close their doors, so I thought if I was going to take their photos that now was the time. Maybe I’ll revisit next year and see what remains.

My favorites were Pacific Rush which has flames and the drive through (yes, drive through, my mind boggles). My favorite name was Ancient Medicine Collective.

Starting at the north end near I5:

  • 3421 Ashley’s Medicinal Garden
  • 3716 Ancient Medicine Collective
  • 3833 Natural Resources
  • 3837 Elements Sunshine
  • 4300 block Pacific Rush
  • 6532 Tacoma Cannabis Collective
  • 8223 The Green Warehoue
  • 8236 SMC (Seattle Medical Clinic)
  • 8808 TMC
  • 9027 Northwest Natural Medicine and Services
  • 9050 Drive Thru (that’s probably not it’s name)
  • 10018 Green Collar Club
  • 10625 Tacoma Healing Collective

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Nature’s Resource Center

I’d read about the new tenant at Freighthouse Square and since we were having dinner at Wendy’s Vietnamese, I thought I skip downstairs and check it out. Nature’s Resource Center’s website says “Here at NATURES RESOURCE CENTER we strive to meet your medical needs in a variety of ways including; providing educational service on cultivating one’s own personal herb plants, We also have an inventory of starts, hash, edibles, tinctures and the best medical herb nature has to offer. All consultations and services provided in a safe and professional setting. So stop suffering today and enjoy the greatest medical cannabis nature has to offer at Nature’s Resource Center!”

Their website is at http://nrc420.com/

And their address is at 602 East 25th Street, Suite #78

I wasn’t sure what I expected, but the storefront has dignity and an attractive waiting area. I purposefully didn’t photograph anyone coming or going, but they looked like everyday kind of folks. I understand that they sell medical marijuana (cannabis), but I personally don’t see it being a problem being next to a store specializing in legos.