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The plethora of pot stores on Pacific Avenue

imagePer the News Tribune Tacoma has 60+ medical marijuana stores. It’s always seemed to me that Pacific Avenue has more than its share, so today I drove by and counted them. There are 13 retail locations between I-5 and Highway 512. In comparison, there are two dedicated liquor stores, though of course other places to buy liquor both for on site drinking and take out. One mentioned by the News Tribune is no longer there, but I found two new ones. In one case the owner was actually hanging up his open sign for the first time.

So, just for the record, no it isn’t my vice and I didn’t go inside. But I do think there is a place for medical marijuana. It just seems like like 13 is a great many. The article said that most will be asked to close their doors, so I thought if I was going to take their photos that now was the time. Maybe I’ll revisit next year and see what remains.

My favorites were Pacific Rush which has flames and the drive through (yes, drive through, my mind boggles). My favorite name was Ancient Medicine Collective.

Starting at the north end near I5:

  • 3421 Ashley’s Medicinal Garden
  • 3716 Ancient Medicine Collective
  • 3833 Natural Resources
  • 3837 Elements Sunshine
  • 4300 block Pacific Rush
  • 6532 Tacoma Cannabis Collective
  • 8223 The Green Warehoue
  • 8236 SMC (Seattle Medical Clinic)
  • 8808 TMC
  • 9027 Northwest Natural Medicine and Services
  • 9050 Drive Thru (that’s probably not it’s name)
  • 10018 Green Collar Club
  • 10625 Tacoma Healing Collective

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Heron and Fish Mural on Proctor

A brief moment of sunshine allowed me to snap this photo of the murals at 3823 North 26th Street. The heron is fairly recent, installed in 2010 and the original salmon part was created in 2007. The artist is Alexis St. John and her website is here http://alexisstjohn.blogspot.com


Ostrom’s Mushrooms

I’ve always wanted to see a mushroom farm and I was delighted when Ostrom’s Mushrooms at 8322 Steilacoom Road SE, Olympia, WA 98513 offered tours as part of the Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival. The tour began with the plant manager (I think it was the plant manager) showing up how they create the soil out of mostly straw and then how they add the mushroom spores attached to millet. He walked us through each step of the multi-day process. The mushrooms grow in large beds which are stacked one on top of another about seven deep with about a foot clearance between each one. The pickers climb moveable steps and go from the top bed to the bottom. It sounds like very hard work.



Eddie Bauer is having a birthday

…at least that’s what they said on their sign in their Eddie Bauer Outlet Store at 9990 Mickelberry Road, Silverdale, WA 98383. Everything in the store was 30% off, which was extra good since I had plans to visit today anyway.  I picked up two pair of short ($30 each marketed down to $5 and then 30% off) and a pair of jeans.


Eddie Bauer originated in the Northwest and first opened in Seattle in 1920 as “Eddie Bauer’s Tennis Shop”.  The shop was only open during tennis season. In 1920 Eddie Bauer was 21.  In the 1940s Eddie Bauer developed hypothermia while winter fishing in Washington State. Inspired he developed a quilted down coat that would prove to be warm and yet lighter then the heavy wool coats popular at the time.

In 1968 the company sold to Bauer’s business partner and in 1971 it again sold; this time to General Mills. Spiegel purchased the company in 1988. In June 2009, the company filed for bankruptcy protection and in July of that year was acquired at a bankruptcy auction.