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B Sharp Coffee House, Tacoma

11786807823_ff83d5f714_bB Sharp Coffeehouse at 706 Opera Alley is delightful. They offer coffee, lunch fare, beer and wine, as well as music many evenings. The space has a wonderful history as being the original location of the News Tribune. It is lower level space with no natural light except at the very front, but that just adds to its cozy ambiance, I was particularly charmed by the large open area leading to the restrooms. There is a mural of dogs playing poker made me smile, especially since the cairn on the right (cheating) looks much like one of our dogs. B Sharp’s has a website and a Facebook Page.

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The News Tribune

ntThe News Tribune is Tacoma’s daily newspaper. It had its origins in 1918 when the city’s three existing newspapers merged under its current name. The paper, which serves the south Puget Sound, has a present day circulation of 85,000, which increases to 100,000 on Sunday (including our household!). The New Tribune address is 1950 State Street, Tacoma.