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Clock Tower Square

8466199825_9efbb327ac_bWhen I worked in University Place, years ago I was situated by this Clock Tower at 3617 Bridgeport Way West. The larger building it was part of was demolished to make room for the new city hall, but the Clock Tower was saved and moved to its new location on Tacoma Avenue across the street from the library in 2004. There is also a cool gargoyle on the building next to the clock tower.



In Ed “Doc” Farrens, moved to this site from. Clock Tower Square at 3617 Bridgeport Way)

Hood County Courthouse

20120807-205045.jpg20120808-201141.jpgThis lovely Hood County Courthouse was built in 1890 and is the third (or 5th depending on the source) courthouse on the site with the first two being destroyed by fire. The limestone building is one of three Hood County properties on the National Registry of Historical Places. The middle picture is a mural at the Granbury Post Office that shows the courthouse and several other historic Granbury properties.

One new photo 8/8/15