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Seattle Seahawks 12 Club

SeaTac Airport Alaska terminal has a 21 and older area for boarding passengers to relax while waiting for their plane. It is called Seahawks 12 Club. A quick peek inside showed many tables to sit and while away the time, some food and Seahawks paraphernalia. This statue is of Walter Jones #71 who was a offensive tackle from 1997 to 2009. 

I’ve also included a picture of the Starbucks at the terminal. I really like how they have the Seattle symbols lined up!  

After Hours Club and the Yakima Self Serve Laundromat

15241324226_cb8c9e89a8_kI was curious about the location of the Lincoln District after hours club that was the scene of a homicide on 9/7/14, so I drove by in the morning hours to figure out where it is. 32-year-old Michael Ward Jr. was murdered that night and as of yet there is no suspect being held. I thought it was interesting that there is no signage, maybe that’s because it is an after hours club (what does that even mean?). The laundromat, which does have signage, has also been shut down. It is Tacoma’s 10th homicide this year. There is a make shift memorial in front of the building.


The culvert behind my mom’s house

14717101317_6eb910af46_k….leads to a Harbor Lakes Golf Club. Here is a picture of the golf course as well as the culvert, which is dry during most of the summer and diverts rain water to a pond during periods of rain. Here are a couple of pictures of the culvert, the pond and the edge of the golf course.

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Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsman’s Club

8712126209_9c2833f05b_bI was driving down Meridian in the South Hill area of Puyallup when I decided to turn around. My turn ended up being the entrance to the Paul Bunyan Rifle and Sportsman’s Club at 17902 Meridian East, Puyallup, WA. The club was founded in 1945 and the land purchased from Weyerhauser Timber Company in 1946. There website is here.



LA Fitness

I’d like to write that I went into LA Fitness at 5915 Sixth Avenue and had a vigorous workout, but the truth of the matter is that I snapped the photo while waiting for my dear husband’s birthday pizza to be ready for pick up! But it looks like a very nice health club! 😀


The Bead Factory for your beading needs

When I saw that the Bead Factory on Sixth Avenue had closed, I thought I had lost my chance to visit. But they had just moved to 5705 N 26th Street, Tacoma, WA 98407. I actually just went in for some of those little plastic things that goes in the back of pierced earrings so they don’t fall off (what are those things called?!).

They store was bustling with lots of happy looking women and one guy. In addition to a traditional retail store, they have classes and parties and mail order. I even joined their club for $3.00, which gives me a $10 store credit after I spend $100 and gets me on their mailing list. I just might go to one of their Saturday night beading parties! Stranger things have happened 🙂

The Bead Factory’s Website is here:

Their Facebook page is here:



Allstar Fitness

I had no excuse not to go to the gym today, so off I went. I was too late to take the class I wanted, but I worked the machines for a while and felt like I accomplished something. The building has over 70,000 square feet and includes a pool/hot tub/saunas, class spaces, plenty of exercise machines, a woman’s only workout area, a child care spot, a rock climbing area and an Emerald City Smoothie.

And the link for AllStar is http://www.allstarfitness.com/

The link for Emerald City Smoothie is http://www.emeraldcitysmoothie.com/ViewStore.aspx?store=3e704783-47b3-4067-84d9-bda8f59396a8

As a side note, I remember going to see movies at this location when I first moved to Tacoma. Then the movie theater failed and Allstar purchased the building and complete remodeled it. They really did a top notch job with the remodel!

The other photo is of the sunset tonight. I was pretty excited to see that it was after 5 and the sunset was in progress. I guess the days are getting longer.