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After Hours Club and the Yakima Self Serve Laundromat

15241324226_cb8c9e89a8_kI was curious about the location of the Lincoln District after hours club that was the scene of a homicide on 9/7/14, so I drove by in the morning hours to figure out where it is. 32-year-old Michael Ward Jr. was murdered that night and as of yet there is no suspect being held. I thought it was interesting that there is no signage, maybe that’s because it is an after hours club (what does that even mean?). The laundromat, which does have signage, has also been shut down. It is Tacoma’s 10th homicide this year. There is a make shift memorial in front of the building.


Laundromat at Dusk

One of the true joys of home ownership is having a washer & dryer on the premises. I’ve used public laundromats in the past and would much rather do the laundry at home.  But if I needed to go to a public laudromat, this particular one is a good choice — new, bright and clean. I’ll keep it in mind when I need to wash something large, like a sleeping bag. The Laundromat apparently is called Laundromat and is located in Michael’s Plaza at 2913 South 38th Street in Tacoma.