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Wards Lake Park in Lakewood

The city of Lakewood has 10 parks and one game refuge and today I stopped at  Wards Lake Park at 2716 84th St South. I found it by following small sign off of S. 84th Street. This 20-acre park is a little oasis in a relatively built up part of town. It includes Wards Lake, a fishing pier, playground, picnic shelter and trail system. The lake doesn’t look conducive to swimming, but it is great for fishing and is very pretty. There is a short trail that leads back to some picnic tables and benches. And for the younger set there is a nice play area. I saw children playing on the big toys, an older guy fishing and a young couple getting to know each other.

Burger King morphs into Starbucks


 Today I went to Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), but all the coffee shops and bookstores were closed for the new year holiday.  I needed a book, so I veered off to the Lakewood Barnes and Noble, but I couldn’t count that as a new place.  On the way I went past a yet unrecorded Starbucks.  Good old Starbucks.  This one use to be a Burger King and you can tell by looking at it.  The worker said that Starbucks had been there for about 6 to 7 years and they had originally thought about making a loft area where the burger places’ play area had been.  But in the end they went with the tall ceiling instead.  Starbucks only has half of the building and the rest is available for lease.

10314 S Tacoma Way, Lakewood – (253) 984-0898