Bridgeway Market in Purdy

I have a couple of blog rules.

  •  Be safe
  • No photos of kids (maybe a crowd with some kids in it, but no kids on the playground or alone because I don’t want to be creepy!)
  • If I have more then one potential new place of the day, take the one that is the furthest away or would be the most difficult to get back to.
  •  If I absolutely can’t get to a new place that day, the world will not end

So, I missed two days because of Christmas (and that’s OK) and today I found myself at Bridgeway Market in Purdy (6707 Tyee Dr NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332). Purdy is an unincorporated community just north of Gig Harbor. I was expecting to find an upscale, small market, but it is really more of a large convenience store. It has a basic selection of groceries and snack foods, and a fairly large assortment of beer and wine. In an attached space there is a small teriyaki restaurant. What distinguishes this small market is its location on the Burley Lagoon next to the Purdy Bridge. I could smell the salt air when I opened my car door.

Good to see you here!