Cryogenics at Pacific Welding Supplies

The word cryogenics gets my imagination going! Per Wikipedia, It means “the study of the production of very low temperature (below −150 °C, −238 °F or 123 K) and the behavior of materials at those temperatures“. When I hear it I think of human bodies being frozen until a cure for the disease they are dying from has been found and I think of science fiction books where the characters are frozen for a long, long space voyage.

I found an interesting article on cryogentics here  The article states “And for approximately $30,000, anyone can be cryogenically frozen. Currently, there are over 200 people in a frozen state at cryonics centers in the U.S. – and some 2000 people have signed up for it.”

Cryogenics is the word printed on the large canister at Pacific Welding Supplies, 2902 S M Street, Tacoma, WA 98409. I suspect that the canister is most likely used for the gases involved with industrial welding instead of human preservation or space travel, but still its fun to consider the possibilities! The website for Pacific Welding Supplies is

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