Fallen Riders Outdoor Memorial Park

IMG_0613.JPG by Gexydaf

Today I stopped at the Fallen Riders Outdoor Memorial Park at South 46th Street and Yakima Avenue. I had noticed the motorcycle in the air on other occasions, but thought it was simply art. But now I know that is part of a memorial park. The best information I can find about the park is from the group’s MySpace Page, which says “Fallen Riders Outdoor Memorial (FROM) has been founded by a small group of individuals, who are compelled to provide a sanctuary for their fallen brother and sister riders, that have ridden by their side. FROM’s main mission is to have a public awareness to honor our fallen brother and sister motorcycle riders. This outdoor memorial has been designed to give awareness to non-motorcycle riders about the dangers of the road, and to create a safer environment for all to enjoy. The Fallen Riders Outdoor Memorial is located at 4600 Yakima/Thompson Ave. kitty corner from the 48th Street Pub and Eatery, Tacoma Washington.”

One thought on “Fallen Riders Outdoor Memorial Park

  1. John Dakoulis

    As an independent rider, I come here to pay my respects and if I can, clean the place up. Peoplee have used this memorial park as a dumping ground. I dont know the fallen names on the wall, but they are my brothers and sisters nonetheless. Respect seems to be a thing of the past.

Good to see you here!