Granbury Beach Park


I visited Granbury Beach Park at 623 West Pearl Street, Granbury, TX on 8/8/12 (exactly three years ago), but apparently just posted two photos and no words. The first two photos are from then and the rest are from today. The beach features white sand, a spray park, a concession stand and thatched roof picnic pavilions. There is a walk way that delineates the swimming area of the beach and most of that swimming area is above my head. There were plenty of families swimming and making sand castles.

Granbury had a great deal of rain this spring and early summer and the lake is back to normal levels. To see what the beach was like during the drought, view this wonderful video. The official website for the beach is here.


image image

Update 8.2016 A few more photos!



The palm street shot is from the Convention Center.

Good to see you here!