Harp & Shamrock, Tacoma

The Harp & Shamrock at 2704 North Proctor is a delightful store which specializes in all things Irish. They had some lovely outerwear items that I adored. They also had hats, scarfs, food, trinkets, jewelry and a bunch of other things. I purchased some Irish Tea because dear daughter had proclaimed that the Irish had the best tea! And indeed when we tried it, the taste was excellent. Though dear daughter shouldn’t have had three cups and stayed up most of the night!

A better photo of the building can be found here http://www.proctordistrict.com/index.php/listing/The%20Harp%20&%20Shamrock

The store is in the Davies Building which was constructed in 1924 and has apartments on the upper level.

Update 8/14 — The store closed on June 14, 2014 after 38 years in business.

Good to see you here!