Jane Clark Park

8629300351_199204af97_bWhen dear husband and I first moved to Tacoma we rented a house right across the street from Jane Clark Park at 4825 N. 39th St., Tacoma, WA 98407. The two of us moved into the house with our two cats and chow dog. We placed our purple camel back couch up against the living room window which had a great view of the above park building. Once a week the park district would offer a dog obedience class and our chow would belly up to the back of the couch and watch like it was a movie made just for her!

Jane Clark Park had its origins in 1935 when the land was purchased in a tax sale. Benjamin L. Harvey provided financial assistance to the park and the park was named in honor of his mother. The park’s amenities include Baseball Field/Softball Field Regulation Lighted,Basketball Court Half Court, Playground, Restrooms, Trails and a summertime Wading Pool.


Good to see you here!