Let The Holidays Begin — The Orr House, Steilacoom

 So many great potentials for today’s New Place of the Day…the Steilacoom Library (libraries are always good), the Bair Drug and Hardware Store (a restaurant) and the Orr House, which is part of the Steilacoom Historic Museum Association. The one I’m least likely to get back to anytime soon is the Orr House, so that is the New Place of the Day. Construction on the house began in 1857 and originally the first floor was a wagon shop. The house which is at 1811 Rainier Street and has lovely marine views. Best of all, it was decorated by volunteers for the holiday season. The volunteers were dressed in period attire and spent quality time sharing information about each of the rooms.

Each room, except two, had a mouse and a clock, though I didn’t manage to find them all.


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