Little Free Library #13705 Tacoma

This Little Free Library is located at 4339 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma and is part of the Little Free Library Project. This Little Free Library has two parts, a children’s box and an adult box, one on each side of the gate to the house. It seems like I always have read at least one title, but not this time. Though I have read several of the authors: Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, Mary Dahem and even one Nora Roberts! There are even some little toys for the kids in the children’s box. Also of note is the whimsical found art that is atop of each of the fence posts.

Little Free Libraries is part of a community movement which offers free books. When I considered my first Little Free Library in November 2012, a Wikipedia article informed me that there were over 200 of these libraries. Per their website, there are now over 25,000!  Each of the libraries is registered and can be located by their GPS coordinates.

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