Pagliacci Pizza


I had a late meeting at the Starbucks on the Ave near the University of Washington in Seattle. Afterwards I stopped at one of my very favorite pizza places, Pagliaco Pizza. at 4529 University Way NE, Seattle. I love this restaurant because I can order a good size sliced and not an entire pie. They also have some great salads. I got a slice of margarita pizza and a vitamin water for just over $4. What a deal. Pigliaco has 22 locations. It would be great if they opened up a location in Tacoma!


One thought on “Pagliacci Pizza

  1. marywhammond

    Pagliacci’s always our favorite, too. Very budget-friendly, and we could never eat more than one slice apiece, so it was perfect. I join you in wishing they could bring a Pagliacci’s to Tacoma!

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