Projecting Drop



In December 2010, Tacoma received a new piece of public art known as the Projecting Drop by artist Jill Anholt. It’s located at 1250 Pacific Avenue and is part of the South Park Plaza Garage, a green facility. The art stands 25′ high and I appreciated it even more when I got close enough to really study it. I love the ripples!

Spaceworks Tacoma says it best, “The soaring wall is covered in 1″ hexagonal, blue and green tiles that cascade from top to base, then ripple outward toward the street. Embedded in the sidewalk tilework is a quote from an 1891 edition of the Tacoma Ledger : “From amidst a sombre forest of firs a city has arisen as by a stroke of an enchanter’s wand. Tacoma looks forth like a new Venice over the glassy waters and prepares to handle the commerce of the world.” The art was installed on the site of a Turkish Bathhouse! For the full story, go here:


Good to see you here!