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Lan Su Chinese Gardens, Portland

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When I told people that went to visit the Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland, Oregon they corrected me and explained that I meant Japanese Gardens. No, they are Chinese Gardens, the most authentic Chinese Gardens outside of China. My friends and I got to the gardens by hopping the light rail in the rain. A short walk from our stop took us to downtown Portland’s China Town/Old Town where the gardens occupy a city block. The cities of Portland and its sister city, Suzhou, China worked together to create this tranquil and lovely oasis. The gardens opened in September 2000. They feature 500 tons of rocks from China, but no plants because of import bans. Instead all of the plants were located in Oregon nurseries and gardens. The tea room featured a menu of teas making me wish I could have tried several.

Happy Dragon

I had a little time to stop for dinner and didn’t want fast food, but didn’t have the time or funds for extra nice.  And I’d been meaning to stop at Happy Dragon Chinese at 5104 Sixth Avenue, Tacoma.  It was an early dinner for me and I was their only customer, though a couple of folks came in for take out.  I ordered the curry chicken and it was good and plenty for two meals. The meal was served with white rice at no additional cost, which isn’t always the case now a days.