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Union Station, Seattle

I’ve been past Union Station at 401 South Jackson Street, Seattle, many a time, but today I actually went inside. It was lovely and reminded me of large stations in Philadelphia and New York City. Constructed in 1911 as a train station, it looks much the same today. The property ceased being a train station in 1971, was placed on the Historic Register in 1974 and was renovated in the late 1990s. The hall can be rented out for events.

One of the workers saw me snapping some photos and said that she loved working in such a beautiful building. Of course to off set that nice moment, some guy asked me for $0.50 to make a phone call!

Bat and Seabird Guano at Indoor Garden Depot

I found myself in Federal Way today with a few minutes to spare and Indoor Garden Depot at 1401 S 324th St. #103 looked interesting.  I was kind of expecting house plants, but instead it was everything one would need to grow indoors plants. There are five Indoor Garden Depots, three of which are in Washington State.