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Washtucna, WA

I drove to Pullman today and along the way I stopped in the town of Washtucna in Adams County. The town has a population of about 200 people. I picked Washtucna because I heard it had a good birding park known as Bassett Park after the first mayor. It was some nice little park with a small creek running through it and one of the local residents came and chatted with me for a while. And then as I was leaving the town I found their original sheriff’s office/jail which consisted of a very small wooden building with two jail cells and a front area for the sheriff. There was also the original outhouse, a two seater!  Altogether it was a pleasant little diversion on the long drive to Pullman and I’m glad I stopped.


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Moon Farm

Moon Farm

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The HarvestFest was today and we went to two farms. The new place of the day 10/2/2010 is Moon Farm. What a delightful place! They gave us a farm tour on a golf cart and then they showed up their jam factory and gave us samples of delicious jams. We brought home 3 jars of it! We spent quality time with their lovely chickens and even got to feed them :).