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Jarvie Memorial Family Lodge

I’ve gone past the Jarvie Memorial Family Lodge at 1521 Sixth Avenue, Tacoma, several times, but there were always people in front it and I don’t want to be obnoxious by taking a photo. The housing units were built in 1927 as the Creso (or Cresco) Court Apartments. They have a bungalow court design.

In 1983 the property converted from City Center Motel to the Salvation Army Family Lodge and in 1994 is was rededicated after remodeling. There is an article about the family lodge here  http://www.weeklyvolcano.com/entertainment/spew-blog/2011/12/Salvation-Army-Tacoma-provies-housing-for-homeless-families/

Normanna Hall, Tacoma

Normanna Hall at 1106 S 15th St., Tacoma, WA 98405 is another very wonderful building in Tacoma (the corner of South 15th and Martin Luther King, Jr.). The building was constructed in 1922 and Geo. Trust was the architect. The dedication was on March 19, 1923.  On August 24, 1979, the lodge celebrated 75 years in America.

The Sons of Norway, is a lodge that is dedicated to preserving Norwegian heritage and culture in the Tacoma area for over 100 years. Sons of Norway and promote Norwegian traditions and fraternal fellowship through cultural and social activities. Once a year, in October, the Norden Lodge (Sons of Norway) has its annual Lutefisk Dinner there.

The Metro Tacoma Fencing Club occupies space in the building and the Seattle Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society has been known to kick up their heels there.

For more information about the lodge, including some photographs, check out their website at http://www.norden2.com/

Royal A. Gove Masonic Center

IMG_0669.JPG by Gexydaf

Just a quick photo today of the Royal A. Gove Masonic Center at 3736 S. Sheridan Ave in Tacoma, WA 98418-3913. Although the building sign says Royal A. Gove Masonic Center, it seems to also be occupied by the Fern Hill Lodge #80. Per their website, the Masons here are active and accepting members (men).


The interesting history Titlow Lodge

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I took a quick photo of Titlow Lodge today for my new place of the day. The history of the Lodge, which isn’t now actually used for lodging is pretty interesting. When it was built in 1911 it was called the Hotel Hesperides and had 30 guest rooms. The building’s architect was Frederick H. Heath who also designed Stadium and Lincoln High Schools and the Central School Building. In 1926 the property was purchased by Metro Parks and between 1937 and 1941, the top two floors were removed. The building is now being upgraded and is not open to the public.

A photo of the building taken in 1977 can be found in the Tacoma Public Library’s Tacoma-Pierce County Building Index.  http://search.tacomapubliclibrary.org/buildings/bldgv2.asp