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Stewart Heights Park

Stewart Heights Park

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I was driving around with my dear husband looking around for a new place when we happened upon Stewart Heights Park. Well, I hadn’t realized that this was the park that he like to take our daughter to when she was young. So it brought back memories for him. It has changed a fair amount since our daughter’s playground days. The playground equipment has moved and there are more trails. I didn’t get a good photo of the pool or the skate park or Lisa’s Garden, so I’ll do those spots some other day.

Wish & Pray This Will Never Happen Again

Life Center on Union Avenue has devoted a corner of its property to a 9.11 Memorial. On both sides of a freestanding wall people have written their memories and reflections.  There are words from children too young to remember the day and from adults that were affected.  Some used the preprinted cards and filled in their memories and other brought their own paper.