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Lake Steilacoom

The lovely Lake Steilacoom contains and area of 53 acres and is entirely within the city limits of Lakewood, WA. It is a man made lake that was created at the site of a small pond in 1853. Per Wikipedia “The Nisqually Indians say this lake was possessed by an evil female monster known as Whe-atchee. Legends of the creature attacking people go back over a century.To this day, Nisqually refuse to fish or swim here.”

Looking for Nessie

We went out looking for The Lock Ness Monster (Nessie) on the Lock Ness in the Highlands of Scotland, but sadly did not find him or her. But it was still a great boat ride and we got to see the ruins of Urquhart Castle (constructed in 1200s).

After the Lock, we went to see a shepherd with his sheep and sheepdogs.