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The Union Station Link

13791347714_8808f6a6d5_bThe Union Station Link Stop is situated on the median on in the center of Pacific Avenue between South 19th and South 21st Street in the Museum District in proximity of the University of Washington, Tacoma Branch and Tacoma’s School of the Arts. Presently the Link runs 1.6 miles, though there are expansion plans. The public art in the foreground represents shipbuilding in the area’s past. Below is another photo of the station and a few other near by shots.

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Cutters Point Coffee

There are twelve Cutters Point Coffee Shops, 11 in the Puget Sound area and one in Savannah, Georgia. There first shop was founded in Gig Harbor in 2001. This Cutters Point is at 1936 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA and is an asset to the museum/school vibe of the area. Inside there is a fireplace, comfy chairs, tables to work at and some fun artwork. I like that they have their logo installed on the floor — its classy.

Their website is www.cutterspoint.com/

After our coffee break dear daughter and I went to the Washington State History Museum to see the exhibit on the Great Depression. It was great!

Update 1/2017 this coffee shop has closed