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The Street Daffodils on N. 26th and N. Washington Street


Street Daffodils

There are four daffodils painted in the street near Washington Elementary School on the corner of North 26th and North Washington Street. I suspect it is an acknowledgement of the annual Junior Daffodil parade that occurs each year in the Proctor District. Really, I would have done a lovely closeup photo of one of the yellow flowers, but the street was very busy and I value my life!

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The Price of Getting Around

I was riding around on fumes today when I pulled into the Shell Station at 5744 N 26th St., at N. 26th Street and Pearl Street. I paid $3.95 per gallon for the regular gas and that seemed expensive to me, though at the time I didn’t complain because I was so happy to have gas back in the car!

That made me think about gas prices and I found this website that provides the gas prices within cities or zip codes. Per the site, the average gas price in Tacoma and Washington State is $3.90 per gallon and in the US the average is $3.80 per gallon. The site also has a trip calculator and an interesting 72 month average price chart. Nope, it’s not my imagination, gas is high right now!