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701 North 10th Street, Tacoma

The 1908 Beutel, Conrad F. and Annie K. House at 701 North 10th, Tacoma, WA is on the Tacoma Register of Historic Places. It was converted into four apartments and I noticed that one of the four is available to rent. The original owner of the property, Beutel owned the Beutel Business College, which operated out of Downtown Tacoma’s Lucerne Building.

The nomination form is here http://pdfhost.focus.nps.gov/docs/NRHP/Text/07001459.pdf

South 10th Street in this area is paved with cobble stones that gave my car a rattle!

North Slope Coffee House

North Slope Coffee House by Gexydaf
North Slope Coffee House, a photo by Gexydaf on Flickr.

I needed a lime for Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup http://www.food.com/recipe/black-bean-soup-with-sweet-potatoes-174500. Stadium Thriftway was nearby so we made a quick stop and then grabbed a decaf Americano at North Slope Coffee Shop at 915 N Sheridan Ave, Tacoma, WA 98403. The Shop is at the entrance of Stadium Thriftway and today it was pretty chilly. The coffee was extra good and the service was cheerful. I remember when the coffee shop was in a slightly different location before they remodeled Stadium Thriftway.