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Madronna Oakland Community Garden



The community garden at the corner of Center Avenue and Tyler Street has the most unusual art of any of the local community gardens. The entry arch is appropriately titled “Working”and features a hammer, chisel and gears. A near by bench has pliers and a saw. The art is by Otto Youngers. The garden itself, known as Tyler Square Park, is only half occupied, but that half is full of healthy looking vegetables.

Tacoma Weekly recently wrote an article on the space, It can be found here:

The artist’s website is here: http://www.ottoyoungers.com/



Welcome to Oakland/Madrona

This scenic mural is located at 3265 South Union just north of Center Street in Tacoma. It is painted on a retaining wall and features Mt. Rainier and lovely madrona trees. The artist is unknown and I also couldn’t readily find any information about the date of the art.