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A Especially Lovely Day at Enatai Beach Park

14986119982_4f32d91867_kI went off today with dear husband to find the the Village of Beaux Arts because its such a cool name. The village has about 300 people and no commercial buildings. Since I’d rather not take photos of people’s houses, I only snapped the sign and then drove out of the tiny village to discover the lovely Enatai Beach Park, which is located in Bellevue. What a great park. It has a beach with people sunning (I was in a jacket!) and fishing off the dock. There were kayaks available to rent also. There was a lifeguard (also in a jacket) who told me that while there were no people swimming today, there often are when it gets warm. The park is practically under the I-90 Bridge, but I didn’t notice any traffic noise.

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Tacoma Armory

The 1908 Tacoma Armory at 715 S 11th Street, Tacoma WA takes up the entire block. Until 2011 it was the home of the National Guard, but its been vacated and is now available for lease (see the link). Over its history, it was visited by three president, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman. It was placed on Tacoma’s Registry of Historic Places in 1976.