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Just Be Your Selfie (in blue)

Just Be Your Selfie in Blue

Stopped by the Tacoma Art Museum today to catch the Edvard Munch and the Sea exhibit before it slipped away on 7/17/16. While that was terrific and I learned a bunch about Munch, what I really loved was the Northwest Art Now Exhibit. There are some excellent, thought provoking pieces in that exhibit, included one of my favorites “Just be your selfie” by Dylan Neuwirth. I was at TAM on a brilliantly sunny day and this outside piece was difficult to see, so I did highlight it in blue in the photo (look at me learning Photoshop!) I need to go back in the evening to capture it glowing. More information on the Seattle based artist can be found here.

Below is the photo without my added blue box, Richard Rhodes’ untitled “stone wave” sculpture and a shot of the gallery (again playing with Photoshop).

AdobePhotoshopExpress_2016-07-03_09-28-53-0700 Focus Area


Franciscan Polar Plaza

The Franciscan Polar Plaza at Tollesfon Plaza in Downtown Tacoma is pretty cool It is the joint effort of Franciscan Health Care, The City of Tacoma, the Tacoma Art Museum and many other contributors. Mostly what I noticed while there is just how much fun everyone was having! There were young couples, kids with their parents and adults acting like kids. Plenty of folks fell, but they got back up laughing (ok, the kids laughed a little more than the adults). A couple of the skaters were pretty good, but most were obviously new to this, Some got around the rink by hanging on to the railing!


Chihuly Bridge of Glass

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What a busy day and I still hadn’t found my new place! Driving out of the Tacoma Art Museum parking lot I noticed how lovely the bridge of glass looked glowing in the darkness. The Tacoma Dome can be seen to the right. So here is the Bridge of Glass along with a few photos I had taken earlier. We are lucky to have so much wonderful art in Tacoma. This pedestrian bridge connects the Glass Museum to the museum/university area in downtown Tacoma.

Here are some links for some additional information.



Tacoma Art Museum



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It’s always a pleasure to have an interesting new place of the day and 9/18/2010 qualifies! My AAUW group went to the Tacoma Art Museum and were treated to a talk and tour by the director, Stephanie Stebich. The larger photo is of LeRoy, the dog and the smaller photo is of one of my favorite sculptures at the museum, the Stone Wave (untitled) by Richard Rhodes.


Here is an interesting youtube of the instillation of the Dale Chihuly’s floats in the sculpture.

The link for Tacoma AAUW is http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/AAUW-Tacoma-Branch/131879520756?ref=ts

or http://www.aauw-tacoma.org/