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Did you know this Regal theater was there?!

8463249045_37d54b24bf_bUntil today, I hadn’t realized this six theater Regal Cinema existed. The Regal South Hill Cinema 6 is located at 3500 South Meridian, Puyallup, WA.  More importantly it is located in the back of the mall, behind Target, so it is easy to miss. It was the only theater playing The Impossible, a striking movie about a family of five’s experience during the 2004 Thailand Tsunami.

Regal South Hill 6

The Impossible



Target has all the sundry items I might want

I was in need of sundry items and was in the neighborhood of the Lakewood Target, so in I went.  The good things about Target are that it is always clean and fairly well staffed, their stock is refreshed regularly,  they have decent prices and a broad selection.  The not so good is that hardly anything they sell is made in America.