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Hong Kong Supermarket

imageThe Hong Kong Supermarket at 3828 S Yakima Ave, Tacoma, WA 98418 opened in April 2014, so it has had more than a year to settle into place. It is a large specialty store with a full selection of food items from primarily Southeast Asia. There is a deli and some household items as well. It is good to see a new building/expanded business in the Lincoln District which has quite a few empty storefronts and under utilized buildings. The Hong Kong Supermarket had been located on the corner of South 38th and South Yakima Ave before they constructed their new store in the previous location of Lincoln Bowl.  I purchased a treat for dear daughter, but if I had been more adventurous I would have gone for one of the drinks: Pennywort, Chrysanthemum or Basil Seed. Yep, that’s what I’ll do next time!

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Saar’s Marketplace on a cloudy day

8736367651_528ce6de4f_bThere are seven Saar’s Marketplace Grocery Stores in Washington State and two of them are in Tacoma. This Saar’s location is at 6414 South Yakima Ave. The store does a good job of low prices, friendly employees and ethnic foods (mostly Hispanic and Asian), but doesn’t have a huge selection or some of the niceties like a coffee shop or bakery.


Any movie buffs recognize this house?

8435970655_f6e8128315_zThis lovely home at 808 North Yakima, Tacoma was used in the 1992 thriller movie, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hand_That_Rocks_the_Cradle_%28film%29. Our family had watched the movie a couple of months earlier and it has held up pretty well.

I found an interesting blog called I Am Not A Stalker, that has a very nice write up here http://www.iamnotastalker.com/2010/11/09/the-hand-that-rocks-the-cradle-house/

Also of interest, is that Tacoma Public Library indicates that President McKinley visited the house, then they go on to say that it might actually may have been President Wm. Howard Taft.


Movie, Church, Movie, Church

8373909701_0987604b74_bThe Rex Theater at 3809 Yakima Ave., in Tacoma’s Lincoln District, was built in 1919 and stayed in business until 1958. It has 650 seats which included a nursery so mothers with young children could see the films. The property owner was Martin Steffen. In 1958 it was converted to the Tacoma Calvary Temple, a church. And in 1980 it again became a theater, but this time it was porn. I believe the property stood vacant for a while and now it is occupied by the New Restoration Christian Ministries.

REXA movie database site with this picture can be found here http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/9489 The movie on the marquee is Four Hours to Kill (1935, A murderer eludes his guard and escapes into a theater where the lives of those in attendance are affected by the danger of his presence.)

Update, January 2017: I stopped by again today to capture the theater. It is looking pretty sad. I have hopes that it will be fixed up during the district’s revitalization this year.

Fair Trade Market at St. Leo’s

St. Leo’s at 1323 Yakima Ave., Tacoma, is having their annual Fair Trade Market this weekend (Friday 4-7pm, Saturday Nov 17, 1-7pm and Sunday Nov 18, 9am-2pm). There were plenty of vendors, both Fair Trade and local folks. The building was constructed in 1912 and the architect was C. Frank Mahon. I remember when we first moved to Tacoma, I would attend Tacoma Actor’s Guild plays in the theater here. I admire the social justice program and food bank at St. Leo’s


Do you know the mystery of the Jackson Senior Living Project?

I watched this building at 2358 Yakima Avenue being constructed, happy knowing that there were some construction folks with decent paying jobs. And then one day it all came to an end. The most recent newspaper story I could find about the property proclaims “Half-finished building project in downtown Tacoma gets new name, investors” and states that the project is now called the Jackson Senior Living Project. But except for security fencing being installed and some sealing of the property, no work has been done on the building for many months. If anybody knows any more, I’d be happy to update this new place of the day for 10/4/2010.